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Pusser's this Thusday, only $25
Posted on October 22, 2017 by President
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Hi Everyone! 
Did you have a great weekend?
We tried to go to the beach. 
Brrr!  The water has gotten cold faster than I remember last year.  Or maybe it's just because it was low tide?  Isn't it warmer at high tide?  Does somebody know this?
So we went to the [heated!] pool instead.  :D 
Then I came home and bought my ticket to the Pusser's Wine Event.  Do you have yours yet?  It's this Thursday, and it's only $25 for 2 drinks plus appetizers.  They put out an amazing spread, buffet-style, for us last year when we held Trivia night there.  If you haven't eaten there before, this is a great way to try a little bit of everything that they offer, and discover how delicious their food is. 
Also how to get into the place, because I always see the patio from the road but the entrance is a bit hidden, but easy to find once you actually turn in.  Maybe we'll have some nice cool weather and get to check the patio out?
They also have a pretty good, by which I mean amazing, cocktail selection.  I don't know if their famous Painkiller (available in levels 1 to 3,or maybe 4?) will be part of our selection, but if you have someone else to drive you home, then I highly recommend trying one of those.
If you don't have your ticket yet, get one here.  http://www.pontevedrawomansclub.com/EventsCalendar.html
Do it right now, and you can sneak it in under the wire.  Before you go to bed Tuesday night, at the VERY very latest.  And if you end up bringing an extra pal along, we will not turn him or her away - we will accept payment at the door.  If you want to pay at the door, e-mail waysandmeans@pontevedrawomansclub.com to let them know, so they can include you in their headcount.
It's also your last chance to contribute to our basket for the cancer society auction.  Just bring your stuff with you Pusser's and Sharon Jones will collect it.  The items in the basket (ok, a bucket, really) will be donated to kids undergoing cancer treatment to keep them occupied while they are in the hospital undergoing treatments. 
I can't think of anything sadder than a kid with cancer.
Or anyone more deserving of our donations. 
Our basket bucket has an arts and crafts theme, so please open your hearts and wallets and let's fill it up to overflowing for them!
IF you can't make it to Pusser's (now I'm sad for you, because you will miss out on such a nice time hanging out with the ladies) you can contact Sharon Jones to make arrangements for getting the items to her. 
Thanks a ton to our Ways and Means VPs, Cindey Nordman and Nancy Marsh, who put this whole event together, and to our PR Chair, Nicole Williams, for the awesome poster and PR work on promoting it. 
Don't forget these other fun events coming up! 
Member Potluck - November 4th
Susan Hartman's place 6:30 pm
Jacksonville Beach
e-mail membership@pontevedrawomansclub.com
or reply to the e-vite
with how many guests and what dish you are bringing
bring your own drinks
Shop For a Cause
Bluemercury at Sawgrass Village
November 7th, 4-8 pm
call 904-280-2115 to make an appointment
get 1-on-1 with your very own make-up artist
from Trish McEvoy
to show you new holiday looks
10% of sales donated to our Club!
Ti Haroldsonn
Ponte Vedra Woman's Club
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