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Sunday with Ti September 16
Posted on September 16, 2018 by President
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I had a nice, long chat with my sister last night. 
She is my best friend and I am so lucky to have a sister like her!  She is kind to everyone and well-loved by all.  A gentle soul is what my husband call that type of personality.  I do try to be more like her in that way. 
Also, she recently got engaged to a wonderful guy who treats her right.  Even her kids and dog think he's great!
Her good friend from college is also getting married.  It will be another big wedding for her.  My sister was a bridesmaid at her first wedding, and she is going to be a bridesmaid again.  The dresses aren't any better this time.
I only have one sister, but is is kind of like I have a whole lot them here in our Club.  All of us do!
That is the great thing about being a part of a club like this.  I have met so many wonderful, bright, kind, friendly ladies.  I always have someone to turn to, whatever I need. 
There are lawyers and real estate agents that I have used.  I have gotten referrals to hair stylists, clothing boutiques, restaurants, insurance agents, and more.
Whenever you are doing business, whether it is getting something new or deciding to shop around, remember to ask our Club ladies.  We have so many talented and highly skilled members and you can be sure that you will be treated like family by your sisters from our Club.
If you would like to find out more about who does what, check the end section of the monthly newsletter or look online here.
If you want to make it easy to find you and your business, you can put your business card at the back of each monthly newsletter, in the annual print directory coming out in October, and on our website for only $99 for the whole year!  You can upgrade to a half-page for $249.  It's one of the best bargains around, and it supports our charities.  Contact our fabulous PR Chair, Sharon Jones, at pr@pontevedawomansclub.com or online to get your ad. 
I'd love to see every one of our professional ladies represented there, so our ad section can be a go-to resource for our all of our members.
I'm shortening this weekly message so you just get what is going on this week.  What do you think?  Does that make it easier to focus on the here and now?  For our full calendar, check our newsletter, put together by the amazing Susan Hardy. 
This week:
Wednesday, Sept. 19th at midnight is the deadline to register for the Sept. 24th general meeting at Sawgrass Golf Clubhouse at 11:00.  Register here or email programs@pontevedrawomansclub.com
Raffle Tickets:
This gorgeous Lagos bracelet from Underwoods is a fantastic prize.  If you haven't bought tickets yet, please email Nancy Marsh at Waysandmeans@pontevedrawomansclub.com or text her at 517-927-4322 and she will get your tickets to you.  You can also buy them at the September general meeting.

Ti Haroldsonn
Ponte Vedra Woman's Club
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