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Posted on June 28, 2017 by President
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I hope you have fun weekend plans.  


Are you taking Monday off to make it a 4-day weekend?  


That's what we're doing at our house.


And car shopping, because my 4-wheel ride is really overdue for replacement.  That will be so fun with a 9-year-old.  (Not really!) 


We will bring the tablet.  And possibly use ice cream as a bribe.


Can you believe June is almost over?  


That also means your deadline for paying your renewal dues is almost here.


Yikes!  But you're not late yet.  Whew!


There are 2 ways to renew.  Take your pick, use whichever one you prefer.


Digital Way:


Pay them here


Scroll down on the linked page to the BUY THIS button under renewals.  If you have it done by midnight Friday, it’s only $40.  After that, it’s $50.


Hard Copy Way:


Mail a cheque for $40 to P.O. Box 957, PVB, 32004.  The PV post office has drive-through mailboxes and that's where our PO box is, so that will be the fastest way.  If it’s late, make the cheque for $50.


Hint:  I won’t get the mail until after Saturday’s mail is delivered, so if you mail it Friday at the post office, while you’re out getting booze groceries for your awesome 4th of July party barbeque, it will be on time.  Yes!


The board has the meeting dates for next year pretty much ironed out but Lynne Sumner and Lisa Hayes, Program chairs, are still planning our speakers.  Your ideas would help a lot!


I would really (actually and truly) like to hear from you!  I promise I will answer.




Ti Haroldsonn


Ponte Vedra Woman’s Club