Ponte Vedra Woman’s Club
Posted on August 30, 2017 by President

How is everyone?


Our New Member Cocktail Reception is Thursday night at 6:00 at Teri's house.  That's tomorrow!


Just in case you hadn't heard already.  Five times. 


Or maybe you forgot because you're super busy, so this is your reminder.


Please bring a new member to the event if you know any.  You, or your prospective, could win a prize!  Cindey Nordman has generously donated a $100 gift certificate to Apropos. 


Yeah, prizes!  Who knows what else there will be? 


Oh, uh, free wine and nibbles, that's what.  What's a party without drinks and food?


I have been helping Sharon Jones, VP of Membership, and the rest of the board get it all planned, in-between madly texting all my old pals in Houston, where I lived for 5 years, to see if they are OK.  Fortunately, they are dry, even though they are trapped inside.  They say it's like they're on an island, but not the good tropical holiday kind.  Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the hurricane.



In other news, here's a few of our upcoming events for you to put in your calendar:


PVWC Trivia Night on Sunday, Sept. 24th, 6-8 pm, at Woody's BBQ in PVB.  It's only $25 for a full dinner and $45 per couple, so bring your significant other.  There will be CA$H prizes for the winners! 


A big plate of ribs will be enough to entice my husband to join me.  What about yours?


Our first general meeting kicks things off on Sept. 18th at 11:30 at Sawgrass. 


Don't forget our member social hour is on the 21st at 5-ish at Casa Marina in Jax Beach. 


They have a rooftop lounge and happy hour specials that look really good.  Almost as good as the view from their roof!


I might eat too many sliders at $2 each.  It's easier than cooking dinner, right?  Hmm... I wonder if I can get some to go?





Ti Haroldsonn




Posted on August 21, 2017 by President

Wow!  Can you believe summer is almost over?

Our club board has been busy at work all summer getting the next year planned.  

Did you think we were sitting by the pool, drinking Tom Collinses?  

I really hope that's what you have been doing.  Invite me next time?

We are about to kick off the 2017-2018 Club year with our New Member cocktail party.  If you joined the club in the past year, please come and get to know us!

If you know any potential Club members, please bring them!  Or at least make sure they are invited.  They can ask for me or Sharon when they get there.

Note new date:
Thursday, August 31st
Teri Ellis's house
6-7:30 pm 
RSVP to Sharon Jones

Super big thanks to Teri Ellis, past president, for hosting this event at her home, and especially our FABULOUS VP Membership, Sharon Jones, for putting this event together.

Our first general meeting is on the horizon!  Mark your calendar for 11:30 am on September 18th at Sawgrass Country Club golf clubhouse. Look for an invitation coming soon.

Here is a little secret.  We're working on a new and improved website.  It's coming soon!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone after our summer break!

Ti Haroldsonn 
Ponte Vedra Woman's Club 

Posted on July 10, 2017 by President
Categories: Announcement, General

Did everyone have a great holiday weekend?  Lots of fireworks?  I got to watch them from a hotel balcony overlooking Jax Beach.  Fun!


Our club is a social AND charitable organization.  We get to choose our charities every year.  Our charity chairs (oh that sounds funny!) are hard at work getting ready for our new choices. 


What is your favorite charity?


Can we help them?


Is there someone that should be getting our donations that isn’t?


Send your recommendations to Sherry Gallo and Debbie Price and our fantastic charity chairs (tee hee) will make sure that they get an application.  You only have to send the name.  If you have their contact info, that would be great, but it’s not required.


You can also just reply to this message and they will get it that way too.




They are sending them out quick, so send it to them ASAP, and at the very latest, before you go to bed this Sunday (the 16th). 


Go charity!


Ti Haroldsonn
Ponte Vedra Woman’s Club